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Our desire is to serve two communities to achieve one primary goal.

  • We desire to support and highlight individuals and organizations who are providing educational services across Ontario.
  • We want to create a central "hub" that will help teachers and administrators quickly discover new and exciting learning opportunities in their area.
  • Primary Goal: We want to inspire "AWE" in our students. 

We Believe

Canadian Education Rocks!

There is so much going on, but we're just to polite to talk about it. We want to bring honour where it's due and scream it from the mountain tops.

Shared Education

Share your failures, your discoveries, and questions. We're so excited to see the collaboration that is happening in education. We want to champion this spirit and support great educational innovation in Canada.

Learning With Purpose

This one is close to our hearts and is embedded deep within our teaching philosophy. We're looking to highlight educators who use the curriculum as a stepping stone to find the deeper moments of curiosity and discovery.

Nathan Rice

I am excited to tell you more about Assembly Pad and why I felt like it would be a valuable service for schools and educational organizations throughout Ontario. Over the past 7 years I have taught grades 7 through 12 in Ottawa, ON. Over that time I have learned the in’s and out’s, the highs and the lows that a classroom teacher experiences on a daily basis.

Over the years I have spent hundreds of hours designing lessons, organizing field trips and attending many PD workshops. The feeling of overwhelm was something I became so familiar with.

I wanted to create an online space that would allow teachers and schools to quickly discover new learning opportunities that are available in their city. If you are interested in contributing to this project I would love to hear from you.